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Welcome to - the Nutrient Management home page. This website provides information and resources in the following areas:

  • Nutrient management planning
  • Manure management
  • Regulations affecting animal feeding operations

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What's New:

The Missouri Strip Trial Program: The Missouri Strip Trial Program is a new, grower-focused program, designed to help Missouri farmers and crop advisors compare on-farm management decisions and practices in a low-cost, low-risk setting. Includes list of 2018 trial options and other information.

Wet Weather Event Management: Resources for helping animal feeding operators faced with extreme precipitation events that exceed the design criteria for their operation make the best possible decisions about their manure storages.

Design Storm Alert System (DSAS): The DSAS is a web-based monitoring system tracking precipitation accumulation across Missouri. The current DSAS is focused on managing open/uncovered storages used for manure and domestic wastewater.

Ag Site Assessment Tool: The Ag Site Assessment Tool (AgSite) is a web-based tool that generates a report that describes the physical, cultural and environmental characteristics of a selected land parcel and its surroundings. This tool replaces AFOSite and BERM. This tool is powered and housed in Community Commons.

NMTracker: NMTracker is a web-based tool that is used to create a map of your farm. It allows you to draw fields, determine field size and create maps needed for completing a nutrient management plan. Tutorials and videos showing how to use the tool are now available. Replaces SNMP 2.1

New Pork Board Fact Sheet on PEDV and manure handling: New guidelines have been released to minimize spread of Porcine Epidemic Disease Virus (PEDV) through manure handling activities. PEDV can survive for extended periods in manure. These guidelines minimize risk from manure applicators spreading this costly disease.

The New NOAA Atlas 14 Volume 8 Precipitation Frequency Atlas for Midwestern States including Missouri. This new resource allow you to find the probability of a range of design storms. Included is information on Missouri manure storage design storms such as 24-hour, 25-year storm and the wettest year in ten 365-day storm.

Missouri CAFO Nutrient Management Technical Standard: This standard defines how manure nutrients are managed on Missouri CAFOs. This standard will affect existing CAFOs when their permit is renewed.


Website Index:

Nutrient Management Planning Software and Support: Nationally available software tools and internet access to data needed by nutrient management planners to write a plan.

Missouri Nutrient Management Tools: Missouri-specific tools that help nutrient management planners complete a plan. Includes some innovative tools that could be developed for other states... so take a look!

Missouri Manure Management Resources: Links to a diverse set of resources commonly needed by planners.

Training Opportunities: List of the nutrient management training courses offered by University of Missouri Extension. We try to offer Certified Crop Advisor and CAFO Operator continuing education credits for all these courses. No courses are currently scheduled.

Regulatory Issues: Information on CAFO regulatory issues at the national, state and county level.

Weather Resources: Tools to help you monitor and manage this most unpredictable element of Missouri Agriculture.

Related Resources: Links to other resources that may be helpful to nutrient management planners.

University of Missouri Links: Some of the most useful web resources at MU.