Regulatory Issues

Renewing your General CAFO Permit in 2012: Outlines what you need to do to renew your CAFO General Permit.

State of Missouri Regulations and Permits: Links to some current regulatory language and operating permits for Missouri concentrated animal feeding operations.

Missouri County and Township Restrictions on AFOs: Some local governments have imposed additional requirements and fees on animal feeding operations beyond what is required in regulations by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. This site provides information on some of these restrictions.

History of USEPA CAFO Rules: Lists chronology of EPA CAFO rule making. Includes links to comments on proposed revisions in 2001, 2006 and 2008 as well as the published USEPA proposals and the 2001 Final Rule.

Proposed Updates to Missouri CAFO Rules: Links to proposed updates to the Missouri CAFO rules and the webpage of the CAFO Working Group that provides input to MDNR on proposed changes.

Impact of Exclusion Zones on Lands Available for Permitted Animal Feeding Operations: There have been both regulatory and judicial efforts in Missouri to exclude permitted animal feeding operations from zones around some public areas.  This site has links to analyses of the possible impact of various setback restrictions on land available for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule

EPCRA and CERCLA reporting requirements:  EPA has released EPCRA reporting requirements for ammonia and hydrogen sulfide emissions from animal feeding operations.