Missouri Nutrient Management Tools

Ag Site Assessment Tool: The Ag Site Assessment Tool (AgSite) is a web-based tool that generates a report that describes the physical, cultural and environmental characteristics of a selected land parcel and its surroundings. This tool replaces AFOSite and BERM. This tool is powered and housed in Community Commons.

Missouri Phosphorus Index (PI): The PI is used to identify fields that have a high probability phosphorus loss in surface water runoff. The Missouri PI version 0.2 is in an Excel spreadsheet. The current version of the PI was released April 20, 2005.

University of Missouri Soil Test Recommendations: Includes links to a website that generates official University of Missouri soil test recommendations if you enter the appropriate soil test data.  Also includes links to documentation of the equations used to calculate recommendations.

Missouri Nutrient Management Plan Generators: University of Missouri has worked with NRCS and Missouri DNR to develop nutrient management plans that meet their needs and the needs of farmers.  The plan templates have been integrated into document generators that can be loaded into Purdue's Manure Management Planner (MMP). 

Missouri Commercial Fertilizer Plan - Map Supplement: As of fall 2015, this tool is no longer available. Recent changes on University of Missouri servers have made this tool obsolete. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Maps can still be developed through NMTracker.

Missouri Plant-available Nutrients Calculator: This web-based tool calculates plant available nutrients in manure including an estimate of plant available nitrogen (PAN). The tool also converts manure test results to desired units and estimates recommended manure application rate. Required input includes manure test results, crop fertilizer recommendation and the manure application method. A date-stamped report shows input data and reports calculate values.