Missouri Phosphorus Index (PI)

The PI is used to identify fields that have a high probability phosphorus loss in surface water runoff. The Missouri PI version 0.2 is in an Excel spreadsheet. The current version of the PI was released April 20, 2005.

Using the Missouri Phosphorus Index (PI) - a Tutorial

This section includes a step-by-step tutorial for how to successfully run the Missouri P index as part of developing a nutrient management plan in Purdue's Manure Mangement Planner. Information covered includes:

  • Using the Missouri P Index Excel Spreadsheet
  • Using Purdue's MMP to get the RUSLE2 numbers needed for the Missouri P index
  • How to obtain "soil hydrologic group"
  • How to estimate "distance from water feature"

To view tutorial "click" HERE.

The files below support the tutorial. Save both files in the same folder on your computer.