Documentation of Missouri Soil Test Recommendations for Forage and Row Crops

Missouri soil test recommendations and interpretations are summarized in the following publication:

Soil Test Interpretations and Recommendations Handbook (published 5/2004)

The Soil Fertility Working Group (SFWG) is constantly making updates and improvements to the University fertilizer recommendations and interpretations. The following table documents changes made to our recommendations since the above reference was published.

ID Approved Change Date Approved DATE OF IMPLEMENTATION
Web version of Fert. Rec. Lab version of Fert. Rec. Purdue's MMP
1The standard rice recommendation reduced to 150 lbs N/A. The associated comment is changed to: “Rice - This recommendation applies to varieties Bengal, Cheneire, CL161, Cocodrie, Francis, and Wells. It is recommended to apply N 100% pre-flood except on slow-flooding fields, fields with water management problems or on varieties susceptible to lodging. Alternatively apply N in a three-way split application with 90 lbs N/A pre-flood, 30 lbs N/A at ½-inch internode elongation and again 10 to 14 days later. Recommended rate assumes rice is grown in rotation with soybean; if rice follows another crop increase total N applied by 30 lbs/acre. If you are planting other varieties consult with your agronomist for specific N recommendations.”4/21/2006------
2Sunflower nitrogen fertilizer equation will be changed to: N rate (lbs/A) = 0.06 X Yield Goal – warm season soil organic matter adjustment. Legume N credits should be applied if appropriate. Allowable yield range will be expanded to 1000 to 4000 lbs/A. 4/28/2006------

Long-Term Structural Changes

These approved changes are part of a long-term comprehensive effort to review and update the Missouri Soil Test Recommendations. To implement the changes will require an extensive rewrite of the MU Soil Test Recommendations Program that will not be completed before June 2007. The changes are presented here for your information but have not been incorporated into our current recommendation software.
ID Approved Change Date Approved DATE OF IMPLEMENTATION
Web version of Fert. Rec. Lab version of Fert. Rec. Purdue's MMP
1Use the forage yield units of tons/acre for all pasture categories. For conversion, there are 67 cow days per ton of dry matter. This change is a major change and will not be implemented for a while in our recommendation software.5/5/2006------
2Adopt a rating system for soil test P, K, pH, and Mg with the categories very low, low, optimum, high and very high. This is a structural change that will take a while to implement.6/26/2006------