Weather Resources

Weather News: Current weather events and news affecting Missouri Farmers.

Horizon Point - Weather via Email: Horizon Point provides farmers with the opportunity to have site specific weather reports sent directly to their e-mail address.

CAFO Wet Weather Event Management: Catalogues rainfall events that exceed design storm depth and links to help farmers make decisions on how to cope with full manure facilities during wet periods.

Missouri Automated Weather Station Network: Real time weather conditions for locations across Missouri including soil temperature.

Missouri Historical Agricultural Weather Database: Download past weather data archived from the Missouri Automated Weather Station Network.

NWS Advanced Hydrologic Precipitation Service: Quick reference maps summarizing rainfall amounts nationally or by state. Can view rainfall amounts for set periods including 1, 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days. Click on Missouri to zoom to the Missouri-only view.

Be a Volunteer Weather Observer: Consider contributing your daily precipitation data to a statewide database to help the University of Missouri, the National Weather Service and others monitor precipitation patterns in Missouri.